Fostering Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Economic Stability and Development

Event Details
  • February 26th, Tuesday, 2:00pm - 3:30pm
  • Ruby & Jade
Phil Psilos

Phil Psilos

Asia-Pacific Advisor, Economic Dev & Innovation FHI 360

Session Description

The last years have seen a wave of innovation in Myanmar. Digitally enabled social enterprises have been the main vehicles through which new knowledge and technology has been converted into economic and social benefits such as in the area of access to finance, agriculture and health. Other innovative start-ups experimenting with new organisational and business models are also increasingly impacting the lives of people in Myanmar positively.

Given their peculiar characteristics, digitally enabled firms and innovative start-ups respond slightly differently to the conditions of Myanmar’s entrepreneurship ecosystem. For example, digital and other innovative start-ups are particularly hurt by difficulties in accessing talent, the limited availability of start and unrestricted or non-earmarked funding, weak intellectual property rights, and the absence of common standards preventing smooth interoperability of different digital technologies. These conditions are limiting innovative start-up’s emergence and growth, as well as their spread of innovation beyond Myanmar’s urban centres.

In this session Phil Psilos will introduce FHI’s new Atlas of Innovation for Economic Stability and zoom in on 2 featured innovative start-ups who will share their journey and challenges. Subsequently he will facilitate a discussion amongst different innovation ecosystem actors – from funders, to accelerators and other service providers, to corporates, to education and talent development institutions – to explore who is and can play a role in addressing different types of challenges.

Format: Presentation followed by moderated discussion