Deal Share: Achieving a Common Language around Investment Readiness

Event Details
  • February 26th, Tuesday, 11:15am - 12:45pm
  • Ballroom 2
Jasmine Chew

Jasmine Chew

Deal Share Director AVPN

Session Description

This session held in conjunction with One to Watch, Emerging Markets Entrepreneurs (EME) Myanmar  and Kopernik will convene regional funders, intermediaries and Social Purpose Organizations (SPOs) to understand commonalities on Investment Readiness for social investments using the Venture Investment Readiness and Awareness Levels (VIRAL) Pathway developed by Village Capital. As part of the investment readiness criteria, we also look at what might an impact ladder look like.

Investors fund a tiny percentage of the companies they meet, where most investor – startup conversations end in something like “it’s a great idea, it’s just not for us”, or “touch base with us in a few months and let us know how things are going”. Such outcomes leave entrepreneurs with little constructive feedback and don’t really benefit the investor either. A framework which allows for an honest and transparent feedback for the main aspects of a business (team, product, market-fit, etc.), can help both investors and entrepreneurs have more valuable conversations. Moreover, this can enable intermediaries to become more effective by further defining their scope of work, and to equip the SPOs with relevant resources.

The insights from the session will be adapted for the development of a Common Language Framework. Building upon the insights gained from the Social Startup Workshop Investment Readiness Roundtable held with Social Ventures Hong Kong,  this will culminate in the launch of the SE Development Toolkit at AVPN Conference 2019.

Format: Interactive roundtable discussions: What would such a framework look like, and how could it  be used in practice? During this interactive session we review and use the VIRAL along with a case study, and consider wider impacts that this may bring to social investment.