CSR Practitioners: Shared Value

Event Details
  • February 26th, Tuesday, 11:15am - 12:45pm
  • Amber
Malavika Bambawale

Malavika Bambawale

Partner Dalberg Global Development Pte. Ltd.

Session Description

The concept of Creating Shared Value is a refinement of basic responsible investment practice. It creates value for both the company and society presenting itself as a management strategy where companies are able to identify and address societal problems that intersect with their business. At the same time look for solutions that create measureable business value and goodwill with customers as well as governments, organizations and wider society. This session will specifically uncover key strategy, measurement necessities and challenges associated with social return on investment whilst operating within a Myanmar context.

During this session, the moderator will facilitate a discussion between 3 panellists that will speak of their experience within this position. The panellists selected represent both a local and regional perspective of working within the Myanmar context providing key insights within their industry around CSR and Shared Value.

Format: Presentation by the moderator followed by moderated introductions and discussions between 3 panellists.