Continuum of Capital Panel Discussion

Event Details
  • February 26th, Tuesday, 9:20am - 10:45am
Allison Hollowell

Allison Hollowell

Chief Strategy Officer AVPN

Session Description

AVPN’s report the Continuum of Capital in Asia introduces and discusses a collaborative framework that encourages a total portfolio approach to financing instruments that can be used by social funders to ensure a pipeline of support for social purpose organisations (SPOs) across growth stages.

To ensure sustainability of SPOs as well innovation and scale, funders and intermediaries need to work in an ecosystem. In a vibrant ecosystem where all kinds of capital work together to form a Continuum of Capital, funders may leverage different financial tools – combining grants, debt and equity across multiple investments within their own portfolio – to achieve deeper social impact, or they may seek out key partners and collaborators that can take on follow-on funding once an SPO has graduated from their portfolio.

Indeed, in recent years at AVPN we have begun to see funders and intermediaries functioning less in easily delineated buckets but rather leveraging a range of investment practices to better support the needs of SPOs at different stages. This panel discussion will help define the Continuum of Capital in Myanmar as well as regionally and discuss what capital is available and where there are gaps. The discussion will also zoom in on funder’s behavior in Myanmar and regionally, and the role of intermediaries and other ecosystem players such as policy makers.

Format: Presentation the plenary presentation by Allison Hollowel on the Continuum of Capital, she will lead 4 panellists into a discussion on collaborative social investing in Myanmar and recent trends, challenges and opportunities,


  • Dr. Melissa Foo

    Dr. Melissa Foo

    Vice President, Social Innovation Agensi Inovasi Malaysia

  • Aung Htun

    Aung Htun

    Deputy Chairman Myanmar Investments

  • Win Win Tint

    Win Win Tint

    Chief Executive Officer City Mart Holding Company Limited (CMHL)

  • Francis Ngai

    Francis Ngai

    Founder & CEO Social Ventures Hong Kong