Yin Myo Su

About Yin Myo Su
  • Director & Founder
  • Inle Heritage

Yin Myo Su is the managing director of the Inle Princess Group, and founder of the Inle Heritage Foundation.

Yin Myo Su is passionate about women’s empowerment, economic development, heritage and environmental preservation, art, culture and citizen engagement. She is also a strong advocate for sustainable and responsible development practices.

Furthermore, Yin Myo Su has taken a leading role in reintroducing the Burmese Cat back to Myanmar and protection of the unique and at risk marine life of Inle Lake.

As a Chairperson of the Inle Heritage Hospitality Vocational Training Center she passes her knowledge future generations while equipping aspiring hospitality workers from Shan State to develop the necessary technical and human service skills.

Moreover, she is also the founder of Inle Heritage Private School (Bamboo School) a unique child centered education institution aiming to trigger curiosity, innovation, and critical thinking among students, and to raise awareness of resources available in the Inle Region as well as the ways of using them among local community.

Yin Myo Su, is an active public speaker on subjects dear to her heart and recipient of several local and international awards in recognition of her work in hospitality, heritage preservation, women's empowerment and leadership.

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