Nathalie Risteau

About Nathalie Risteau
  • Co-founder and Director
  • Mandalay Yoma, Myanmar

Nathalie is the cofounder and Director for External Relations at Mandalay Yoma, a Myanmar-based company specialized in sustainable energy solutions. The company enables access to energy programs for rural Myanmar through solar mini-grids and also develops rooftop commercial & industrial plants to enable MNCs and SMEs to reduce their energy expenditure.

Nathalie has a proven track record of working with the government, local conglomerates, international businesses, and development partners in her previous roles. She is passionate about developing access to energy programs along with advising on public policy & programs to accelerate socio-economic development. Nathalie founded Mandalay Yoma after heading Airbus Helicopters’ business for Myanmar, Cambodia & Laos, having seen energy access as a priority in Myanmar.

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