Jennifer Viloria

About Jennifer Viloria

Jennifer is the founder and CEO of IISLA Ventures, a social impact advisory firm with a vision of sustainable prosperity for people in rural communities for a more equitable society. She has a wealth of global experiences in investment banking, management consultancy, angel investing and entrepreneurship, and passion for good food and immersive travel in remote destinations.

Prior to setting up IISLA, which stands for Inclusive Investments in Sustainable Livelihood & Aspirations, she held investment advisory roles in companies and NGOs and had valued several IPOs, private placements and hotel transactions across Europe and Asia.

In 2014, Jennifer joined the London-based impact angel investor network ClearlySo and personally invested in a number of social enterprises; co-founded a number of startups in the UK, Europe and the Philippines; and launched a number of initiatives focused on rural development. Her focus on rural development is driven by her background: Jennifer grew up in rural Philippines where abject poverty forced her mother to leave to work in the UK when she was 8 years old. Her personal mission is to help stem migration from rural communities to crowded cities or abroad by helping create livelihoods and give people, like her mother, the option to stay at home.

She believes that: “if people in remote places live their dreams and aspirations without leaving their homes and families, many of the social and environmental challenges we face today could be avoided, if not eradicated.”

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