Jennifer Jones

About Jennifer Jones
  • Program Manager, Myanmar
  • AVI

For the past year, Jennifer Jones has been developing new projects for AVI in Myanmar, looking for ways to build capacity for local development using new models and with new partners. AVI is an Australian NGO working in 26 countries globally, with a strong focus on mobilizing skilled volunteers to support local governments and organizations.

Jennifer has BA in International Development and Women Studies, which led her to work in the refugee camps on the Thai-Myanmar border in 2004, where she co-founded Room to Grow Children’s Foundation, an NGO that supports community-based child protection. She has a Masters in Social Work and works with the University of Yangon to improve social work education and mental health services in Myanmar. She has worked for local groups, international NGOs and private sector companies in Yangon and enjoys bringing all of that experience together to create projects, which create opportunities for businesses to profitably engage in building stronger communities in exciting new ways.

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