Hitoshi Ikeya

About Hitoshi Ikeya
  • Investment Director
  • Emerging Markets Entrepreneurs - Myanmar

Hitoshi Ikeya is a highly experienced investor and a co-founder of Emerging Markets Entrepreneurs - Myanmar. He is also the Director and a founding partner of UMJ Ikeya Investment, an investment fund focused on Myanmar. Hitoshi has a background working for leading investment banks including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and HSBC Securities.

Hitoshi co-founded UMJ Ikeya Investment, in order to bring capital to high growth potential businesses in Myanmar. He is responsible for deal sourcing and structuring and through his investments holds board positions for some of Myanmar’s most successful enterprises, including Bagan Innovation Technology, GL AMMK and Century Finance. Prior to co-founding UMJ Ikeya Investment, Hitoshi was Vice President of global equity sales at Goldman Sachs where he was involved in several primary deals including three IPOs.

Hitoshi believes in the power of networks and that good partnerships can create value beyond the sum of their parts. From his experience working with high net-worth investors and given his successful track-record at UMJ Ikeya Investment, Hitoshi is able to quickly and efficiently structure deals for EME-M, including identifying co-investors. In addition, given his wide-reaching networks and experience in Myanmar, Hitoshi is excellently placed to support due diligence of EME-M’s potential investments.

Hitoshi studied economics at Cornell University. He is a Myanmar-Japanese citizen regularly travelling between the two countries in order to spur Japanese investment into the private sector in Myanmar.

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