Amarnath Reddy

About Amarnath Reddy
  • Team Leader
  • Responsible Business Fund (RBF) Myanmar

Reddy is the Team Leader of Responsible Business Fund (RBF) Myanmar, currently managing a MMK 12.5 billion Challenge Fund to increase the competitiveness and responsible behaviour of SMEs by providing partial grants for the implementation of projects in: Energy Efficiency; Water use Efficiency; Waste treatment and Recycling; Occupational Safety & Health (OSH); Food Safety; Managerial & Supervisory Skills; and Practical & Technical Skills.

In the past, he has worked for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on several projects that have stimulated the private sector to deliver development results using Matching Grants and Challenge Funds in South Asia, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia. He has managed projects within the areas of: Access to Finance and Business Development Services for SMEs; Inclusive business innovations; Agribusiness value chain development; Export promotion; Local economic development; Promotion of energy efficiency investments; and Green growth strategies. Reddy has taught at MBA programs and is qualified in Agricultural Science and Business Management.

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